TAMPA, FL – April 2, 2024 – SkinGenuity, LLC (www.skingenuity.com), an Essex Partners platform company, has announced the results of a breakthrough study on the use of growth factors in the treatment of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM).

The study’s results were presented by Dr. Pablo Gonzalez, the lead investigator and president of the IV World Congress of Aesthetic Gynecology (WCAG), in Cartagena, Colombia on March 14th, 2024.

The study concluded that using SkinGenuity’s vaginal regeneration product applied twice a week for 6 months lowered the pH and regulated the microbiota of the vagina in women suffering from severe symptoms of GSM. Additionally, significant improvement in symptoms was noted in women suffering from itching, burning, dryness, painful intimacy, odorous discharge, and other symptoms.

“SkinGenuity’s vaginal regeneration product offers an easy to apply, non-invasive, affordable treatment that will bring tremendous relief to countless women that suffer daily from uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. This study confirms that our product will substantially improve these patients’ quality of life,” said Paul Guilbaud, CEO of SkinGenuity LLC, who also presented the Use of Growth Factors in Aesthetics for improving skin, hair restoration and vaginal atrophy at the WCOG 2024 congress.

SkinGenuity, LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of aesthetic products using Nobel prize-winning technologies for improving skin, hair, and vaginal atrophy. The company’s range of patent pending formulas incorporate the latest in regenerative medicine ingredients including DNA Repair Enzymes that help repair cells damaged by UV light.

SkinGenuity also just announced that the Company officially launched the distribution of its vaginal regeneration product in the United States and the Company is actively seeking partnerships with distributors.

Essex Partners formed SkinGenuity, LLC in June of 2023 to acquire the SkinGenuity line of skincare products from SkinGen, and has also completed subsequent acquisitions of additional product lines, ScarMD and Hematix

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